For this project I photographed 60 people quarantined at home during the Corona pandemic. I made these isolation portraits without being physically there - via video call. By embracing technology I tried to find meaningful connections in times of social distance. Never thought that being physically separated can be so tough. But knowing we are all alone in this together creates some kind of connectivity which is way broader than our physical world. 


Many many thanks to: Merel, Jesse, Isabella, Cato, Matthijs, Ale, Daan, Florine, Gerben, Joost, Josje, Julie, Christine, Laura, Leonie, Martijn, Miek, Yira, Wiete, Sammie, Roy, Olya, Lauren, Rinke, Roos, Lola, Mira, Nina, Mikey, Federica, Scott, Emma, Ole, Sandrine, Lorenzo, Mikki, Pieter Jan, Tahne, Stijn, Daniel, Pim, Lisette, Joris Groot, Tom, Roxanna, Charlotte, Lavy, Imke, Koen, Gloria, Nikki, Yoen, Martine, Sid, Claire, Miquel, Noortje, Joris Gruiters, Nadja.